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About the video

Teaser video of the documentary about Dr. Starzl, "Burden of Genius” is debuting Friday, March 2, 2018 at Cinequest, the Silicon Valley film festival.


About the video

A 30 minute video about Dr. Thomas E. Starzl given at the Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons titled, "Giants in Medicine", held in Chicago, October 2015.

About the video

A 30 minute interview with Dr. Thomas E. Starzl that became a part of the program in the XIV International Small Bowel Transplant Symposium held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 2015

Video title "Living Legend with Dr. Thomas E. Starzl"

Dr. Fung's Charming message to Terry Mangan


I remember February 1984 like it was yesterday, in the basement of Falk Clinic, waiting for my meeting with Dr. Starzl that would bring me to start working as a Clinical Research Fellow in July 1984. You made me feel welcome and relaxed until Dr. Starzl came in, and you have been taking care of me since, for more than 30 years. I thank you so much for everything that you have done for Dr. Starzl, for me, and all the fellows that have trained under him. It was go great to see you yesterday!

John Fung, MD, Ph.D.


Photo of Fung, Mangan, Eghestad

(Left) John Fung, M.D., Ph.D,
(Middle) Terry Mangan
(Right) Bijan Eghestad, M.D.

Both men left Pitt in 2005 to join the Cleveland Clinic.

Read more about Terry Mangan,
Dr. Starzl's Senior Administrator.


About the video

Dr. Starzl's Opening Ceremony for the International Course on HPB Surgery at the IV Thomas E. Starzl HPB Symposium “On the Shoulders of Giants”, February 6, 2015, Porto, Portugal

About the video

Dr. Starzl's personal message to Dr. William Wall (London, Ontario) who is retiring in January of 2015.

Anthony Cerami Award

Dr. Starzl has won the $20,000 Anthony Cerami Award in Translational Medicine of the journal, Molecular Medicine. Previous winners were Carl Nathan (Cornell University), Goran Hansson (Karolinska Institute) and Sir David Weatherall (Oxford/Johns Hopkins Universities). The purpose of the Prize is to honor physician-scientists who have created the fundamental innovation necessary for molecular medicine to advance into clinical practice. The award recognizes leading edge discoveries that have led to improvement of human health, and have opened the door to new therapeutic advances and understanding. (Dr. Starzl's submitted monograph) (Press Release)


About the Photos

Dr. Thomas Starzl at the Baruch S. Blumberg Prize Banquet
April 11, 2014

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About the video

Dr. Starzl's opening and closing remarks at the Terasaki Festschrift Conference. January 24-26, 2014

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Dr. Henry T. Bahnson

About the video

Dr. Thomas E. Starzl’s tribute to Dr. Henry T. Bahnson posthumous recipient of the “Pulse of Pittsburgh” Award  of the American Heart Association on November 6, 2013

About the video

Dr. Thomas E. Starzl's speech for the Opening Ceremony at The Turkish Transplantation Society, Liver Transplantation 25th Past, Present, Future meeting that took place on December 4-6, 2013 in Ankara, Turkey.